May 2018

After the visit to the DaVinci exhibit, the youth division of our recently formed Escape Room SIG started at Mac’s Speed Shop for lunch before going inside King Arthur’s royal chamber. They successfully helped complete his final quest. Thank you to Jack Freund for setting this one up!
And thank you again to Mike Gould, this time for setting up a trip to the Charlotte Knights game against the Norfolk Tides. Everybody had fun, even though the home team lost by one in overtime.
Lurching Toward Oblivion, the north side casual dinner event, continued to draw a good assortment of regular and occasional visitors. That helps keep the conversations lively.
Our Main Monthly Meeting didn’t work out quite as planned, as the expected speaker had a sudden family emergency to deal with. On the positive side, everyone there agreed it was a good opportunity to just chat and enjoy the company!
Which the Gourmet SIG did more of the next night, when they met for Spanish food. Thanks again to Joyce Borst for organizing this!

April 2018

Events in April were great fun all the way around!! At Games Night, we tried a new game from the store’s library — Lost Cities, which gave us all a chance to collect some artifacts along the way.
At Comicon, we got a closer look than usual at the costumes, including one of Marisa’s favorites: Iron Man! Probably 90% of that costume was hand made, and looked quite good.
Lurching Toward Oblivion continues to draw an interesting group, with Becky and Pradeep Kumar hosting. Thank you, both!
We repeated one of our past service projects this month, the Adopt-A-Highway cleanup along South Boulevard. Organized by Ruth Green-Waite (Thanks, Ruth!), this project covers a two mile stretch of road — and we always hit a local restaurant for some refreshments when we’re done.
Some of us fit in a Mensa Road Trip, to Mind Games in Denver! Ask Nancy Campbell or Kathi Rich about the trip if you have a chance.
The Escape Room SIG racked up another completion, in a trip through Ramses Tomb to recover some of the treasure. Jack Freund set this one up — thank you, Jack!
Our own Jack Howard brought back some very interesting pictures and stories for the Main Monthly Meeting. Under a new title earned during his January trip to the Andes (Astronomy In Chile Education Ambassador), he shared the excitement of the rapid growth of astrotourism in Chile. Excellent presentation – thank you, Jack!
Even the last weekend was unusually busy. First, the Gourmet SIG met for Mediterranean food, with dishes prepared by the members but coordinated by Joyce Borst. Joyce keeps the SIG going by arranging hosting and keeping the menu organized. Thank you, Joyce!
Then it was time for Culture Quest. This year, our third year participating, we sponsored two teams including our first Next Generation team!
The youth team was the Culture Coyotes, with Captain L. Wright and host Jack Freund; the adult team was Blue Rigid, with Captain John Smith and host David Jackson. Thank you to everyone who managed or hosted a team this year!

DaVinci’s Machines – May 5, 2018

Our big kickoff event for this month was the special tour of the Da Vinci’s Machines exhibit at Discovery Place.
Our guide, Chris (who sounded very much like one of us, by the way), started us off with an historical presentation.
He also provided some brain food – trivia “appetizers” about Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and work.
Much of Da Vinci’s work was lost for centuries because it was so poorly understood, and has been rediscovered and recognized only in the last thirty years or so.
When Da Vinci died in 1519, no one else understood how important available power would be to the development of flight. Even though Da Vinci had already taken extensive measurements of human power output, flight experimenters in 1875 were still basing power to weight calculations on bird measurements.
A special THANK YOU goes to Andrea Davis, Mike Gould, and Ruth Green-Waite for putting this one together!

March 2018

Some of the members of our new ESCAPE ROOM SIG started the month by successfully completing another quest – the Shipwrecked scenario at Codescape, which involved recovering a sword stolen and lost hundreds of years ago. Thank you to Jack Freund for setting up this event. (AND the Roller Derby trip!)
The following weekend, several of our members went to cheer on some of our local Roller Derby competitors. (You didn’t know we HAD Roller Derby in Charlotte? Check out the home team at Thank you to Ruth Green-Waite for the member pictures, and to Robert Smyre for some excellent action shots. That’s him and his camera just left of center, but his pictures were posted on our Facebook page.
At the end of the month, the GOURMET SIG met to share Caribbean food. It was a bit crowded, but everyone had an excellent meal and a wonderful time! Thank you to Joyce Borst for organizing these – every month, she keeps track of who is bringing what and who is willing to host.