Holiday Party 2017

It wasn’t the only event of the month, but the annual Holiday Party was certainly the BIGGEST event of December! In fact, it was the biggest event we’ve had in several years. The room has a capacity of seventy five, we did advance RSVPs, and I understand we only had three tickets left when the doors opened.

Food was plentiful, with separate buffets designed to appeal to youth and adult preferences provided by Dave & Buster’s. They even provided carryout boxes when we were cleaning up, so we all had an opportunity to take a bit home. In addition to the buffet, we were able to bring in our own side items and desserts – which not only added to the feast but encouraged side conversations about the recipes. At least one dessert dish was borrowed from a Gourmet SIG menu earlier in the year.

We had all the usual Holiday Party activities – general conversation and catching up, the White Elephant Gift Exchange, and Volunteer Recognition. The choice of facility added several others, such as pool tables in the party room, video games, and even the option of bowling a line or two. Dave & Buster’s also provided video screens, and we took advantage of that to run a slide show of pictures from previous events and activities over the last ten years. That covered everything from casual dinner meetings to camping trips and zipline events, and from a Leadership Development Workshop to a Charlotte History Walk.

We also had tree ornaments for sale, to help one of our youth members with a conservation project. You may have seen Landon Knestrick interviewed on local television about his desire to help “Save The Pangolins”. Animal Planet ( calls them “the most trafficked animal in the world”, and Landon is trying to raise both awareness and funds to help.

But it wasn’t perfect, and we have already been discussing ways to improve for next year. The top item on our current wish list is to see if we can arrange for the party to be LONGER. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and we made it go by very quickly.