DaVinci’s Machines – May 5, 2018

Our big kickoff event for this month was the special tour of the Da Vinci’s Machines exhibit at Discovery Place.
Our guide, Chris (who sounded very much like one of us, by the way), started us off with an historical presentation.
He also provided some brain food – trivia “appetizers” about Leonardo Da Vinci’s life and work.
Much of Da Vinci’s work was lost for centuries because it was so poorly understood, and has been rediscovered and recognized only in the last thirty years or so.
When Da Vinci died in 1519, no one else understood how important available power would be to the development of flight. Even though Da Vinci had already taken extensive measurements of human power output, flight experimenters in 1875 were still basing power to weight calculations on bird measurements.
A special THANK YOU goes to Andrea Davis, Mike Gould, and Ruth Green-Waite for putting this one together!