December, 2017

December activities kicked off with the holiday party at Dave and Busters, on Saturday the 2nd. Everybody had a wonderful time, as you could tell from the previous post.

Among other things, the article last month mentioned that we had ornaments on sale to help raise funds to save the pangolins. Ornament sales helped Landon donate over $1,300 to the Wildlife Conservation Network! He also helped raise awareness of the cause by submitting a drawing to the IKEA Soft Toy contest, and was one of the national finalists. We haven’t heard yet how he’s doing in the international competition.

All of our event pictures this month are from the middle of December, starting with Lurching Toward Oblivion on the 15th. Good crowd, mostly from the University Area – which makes it an excellent neighborhood event!


On the 16th, we went out for another highway cleanup. (If you haven’t seen our signs, you can find them on South Boulevard – we cover two miles from East Woodlawn to Wisteria.) As usual, we finished the afternoon with an enjoyable and refreshing “Refuel Party” afterward at Skyland.


And on the 17th, we had another table at the Charlotte Comicon. We got our name out there, answered questions, collected contact information, and enjoyed the costumes!