Some of our events repeat themselves….

Did we mention that some of our events repeat themselves? These are just very general descriptions, see the current calendar (available through the home page, below the photo slider) for details of the ones coming up.  Photos of some recent events are also available through the home page.


Lunatic Fringe

Always the first Friday of the month. A casual dinner meeting, where members meet for informal discussion over an agreeable meal. Moves every couple of years, but we always try to keep it somewhere with reasonably good food at affordable prices. Rarely cancelled, but has been skipped when it conflicts with major holidays such as the Fourth of July or New Year’s Day. Rumor has it that this event has been going on for something like forty years.

Downtown Lunch

Always the second Tuesday of the month. Another casual meeting, but this one started as a way for those working near the center of Charlotte to meet during the weekday.  The organizer is sometimes called away on business with short notice, but he arranges for a substitute host so this is very seldom cancelled.

Gourmet SIG (Special Interest Group)

Usually the fourth Saturday.  This event is typically held in a private home, and the location usually changes monthly. Check the calendar for the contact, and RSVP to find out where they’re at each month. The group selects a theme for each meeting, and those attending are expected to bring an appropriate dish. If you can’t cook, just be honest – they can suggest prepared alternatives, or even restaurants with acceptable carry out.

Lurching Toward Oblivion

Always the third Friday of the month. Another casual dinner meeting, very similar to Lunatic Fringe or the Downtown Lunch.  This one was founded and named by one of our former Editors, to provide an event up in the University area.  He has since passed the torch to another couple in the area, and the event remains strong – if they aren’t available they arrange for other hosts, so it’s very seldom cancelled.  Look for the owl, usually in the back.

Main Monthly Meeting

Always the fourth Friday of the month, and open to the public.  We normally have a speaker, on topics that have included the nature of Pi (on March 14, of course), genealogy, airline routing practices, the planet Mars, North Carolina colonial history, dog rescue, nuclear power, and internet security.  Location changes occasionally, but tends to stay put for a while after it does – right now we’re meeting at Jonathan’s in Matthews, across from Target between old 51 (Matthews-Mint Hill Rd) and new 51 (Matthews Township Parkway).  It’s a casual atmosphere with friendly staff, and free soup with any meal.  When you come in you will loop around the counter, we’re in a private room to the left.  Look for a 6″ upright Mensa banner.


Summer Picnic

This has traditionally been in July, but the 2018 picnic has been moved to June hoping for for slightly cooler weather.  For several years it was held at a private home, then in 2017 we moved to Latta Plantation Nature Preserve.   The chapter provides the basics (burgers, dogs, buns, plates) and recruits a cook, and everybody brings a pot luck side dish.  RSVP’s have not been required in the past, but are welcome if you want to coordinate what you bring.   This year we will be at Reedy Creek.

Winter Holiday Party

Every December, usually early in the month. Watch the calendar, location has been changing annually. Generally structured as a Christmas Party, but all faiths are welcome and it is not intended to exclude anyone. In 2017 we held the party at Dave & Buster’s in Concord Mills Mall, and it was a big hit with the younger crowd!  RSVP’s and a token reservation fee ($5.00 per person) were required to improve the accuracy of the head counts, D&B catered everything and needed the numbers.


You DO want to know who’s trying to organize this mess, don’t you? The process takes a few months, and notices will be in the IdioM. Short form: in March you can nominate yourself (or anyone else you can convince), to run for the Executive Committee. Ballots (if needed) are sent out by May 1, are due back by May 31, and the new committee takes office July 1. Check the Bylaws for the fully detailed long form.

Also watch the IdioM for news on amendments, we’re working on changes that will move the election schedule up a month and shift to two year terms.  All proposed changes will first be approved by the national Bylaws Committee, and will then be put to a vote of the local members for the final decision.

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