Where can I take the test?

While scoring, billing, and membership records are all handled at out national office, the actual administration of each test is handled by one of our 127 local groups.  The organizing local group determines when and where each testing session will be held.

The disadvantage is that you can prepay online, through the national office, and still not be signed up for a test session.  You still need to contact a local testing officer to schedule the test itself.  Many, but not all, of those local groups then post their scheduled tests on a national testing calender.  For those groups that have posted theirs, you can visit https://www.us.mensa.org/join/testing/ to search by zip code for tests scheduled in your area.

The advantage is that, with all scoring and processing handled at national, you can take the test anywhere in the United States where you can find someone to give it!  Other than in your convenience, it makes no difference where you take the exam.  Vacationing in Florida?  Yes, you can take the test while you’re there.  Visiting family four states away? Yes, you can take the test while you’re there.  Just follow the link above and use the zip code for wherever you’re going.

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are scheduling regular testing sessions on the  third Saturday of each month, in Dilworth.  We do request advance registration and reserve the right to cancel if no one is expected.  The address is provided when you register.

And we try to make that easy – the next entry in this FAQ list is our Test Registration Request.