March 2018

Some of the members of our new ESCAPE ROOM SIG started the month by successfully completing another quest – the Shipwrecked scenario at Codescape, which involved recovering a sword stolen and lost hundreds of years ago. Thank you to Jack Freund for setting up this event. (AND the Roller Derby trip!)
The following weekend, several of our members went to cheer on some of our local Roller Derby competitors. (You didn’t know we HAD Roller Derby in Charlotte? Check out the home team at Thank you to Ruth Green-Waite for the member pictures, and to Robert Smyre for some excellent action shots. That’s him and his camera just left of center, but his pictures were posted on our Facebook page.
At the end of the month, the GOURMET SIG met to share Caribbean food. It was a bit crowded, but everyone had an excellent meal and a wonderful time! Thank you to Joyce Borst for organizing these – every month, she keeps track of who is bringing what and who is willing to host.