May 2018

After the visit to the DaVinci exhibit, the youth division of our recently formed Escape Room SIG started at Mac’s Speed Shop for lunch before going inside King Arthur’s royal chamber. They successfully helped complete his final quest. Thank you to Jack Freund for setting this one up!
And thank you again to Mike Gould, this time for setting up a trip to the Charlotte Knights game against the Norfolk Tides. Everybody had fun, even though the home team lost by one in overtime.
Lurching Toward Oblivion, the north side casual dinner event, continued to draw a good assortment of regular and occasional visitors. That helps keep the conversations lively.
Our Main Monthly Meeting didn’t work out quite as planned, as the expected speaker had a sudden family emergency to deal with. On the positive side, everyone there agreed it was a good opportunity to just chat and enjoy the company!
Which the Gourmet SIG did more of the next night, when they met for Spanish food. Thanks again to Joyce Borst for organizing this!