Sweet Carolina RG Cleanup

Although I believe I was able to return all lost property to the rightful owners (including 4 cell phones and a laptop), my box of games has come up missing. It was there when we were cleaning up and I believe it just ended in the wrong car. Let me know if anyone remembers seeing it or knows where it ended up. The most noticeable game would have been the silver tin of Trivial Pursuit 90’s. The box also should have contained Organ Attack, a backgammon set, Boggle, Apples to Apples, Pass the Pigs, Palabra, Sequence, Unbroken, Uno Flip, and several decks of cards. A few of these games have been with me since my college days (ie., for many, many years).

CBR Mensa takes 2017 Ruby Jewel Award

CBR Mensa was awarded the 2017 Ruby Award for our overall success in operating our local group. Its with great pride that we are recognized for our efforts and hope to continue offering great services to our members in the coming years!

2016 AG Award

At this year’s (2016)Annual Gathering (AG) the Charlotte Blue Ridge Mensa local group was honored with the Gold Award for Communications excellence! Congratulations to our newsletter editor and the web and social media teams! The Achieving Communication Excellence (ACE) Award is a significant endorsement of our ability to keep our membership informed of what’s going on in their local group.