Lapsed Member Subsidy

Charlotte/Blue Ridge Mensa has approved a subsidy designed to assist a lapsed member with maintaining their membership in American Mensa. The subsidy will be awarded based on need. Service to the chapter will be taken into account. Lapsed members interested in the subsidy are required to submit an application. Applications will be reviewed by blinded reviewers to avoid bias and to ensure privacy. The deadline for application submission is June 30, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Green-Waite at or 863-446-4026.

To submit an application:

Print and complete the pdf form and submit the completed application via email or mail to the addresses listed on the application. Lapsed Member Subsidy Application


Complete the form below:

Preferred Contact Information – You may leave the following blank if you do not want to be contacted, or wish to remain anonymous. Any subsidies rewarded will be paid to the national office through your membership number.

Required Information – Please answer all of the below questions to the best of your ability and answer with ‘N/A’ if necessary. All information, including the fact that you’ve applied, will be kept confidential.

Talk to us! – You are not required to answer the following questions in order to be considered for a subsidy, but we would love to hear your suggestions and feedback!