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January 24, 2020

Daring to Believe: A Memoir of a Living Kidney Donor

Amy Gray-Cunningham, Author and Living Kidney Donor

Amy donated a kidney to David Ensley on July 6, 2011 and was—a 1-in-20 million match.

She heard about David’s need for a kidney through a Facebook page that his sister, Jennifer Ensley Scoggins created called “Looking for a Kidney for my brother David.

Chuck, Amy’s husband, was friends with David and Jennifer in high school. After hearing his story, Amy Gray-Cunningham prayed that someone would step up and offer him a kidney.

Guided by faith, Amy, Chuck, and other members of her family navigated their fear and trepidation to proceed with the donation. Amy’s faith and trust in God saw her through the surgery to not only save a man’s life but also to find a renewed purpose in her own life and all of its infinite possibilities.

“When I first decided to become a donor I immediately searched for books to read that could explain the process. But, unfortunately, I didn’t find many,” said Amy Gray- Cunningham.

Amy decided to write her faith-filled story in hopes it might encourage others who are considering kidney donation and the miracle behind it.

“In more than 17 years as a TV news reporter, Amy’s kidney donation is the single most remarkable story I have ever covered. The odds of her kidney being such a perfect match for David were literally impossible. I don’t know how anyone could hear her   story and not see the hand of God in in. It’s an amazing story of love, sacrifice, and  trust in the Lord that will strengthen the faith of anyone who reads it.”—Tom Roussey,

News Reporter, ABC 7 News, Washington DC

“Amy is truly an amazing person. Her story on being a living kidney donor is completely inspirational and provides a true insight on how one selfless decision, by listening to your heart, can create a new life for someone on the verge of losing all hope.” —Katey Cipriani, Program Manager, National Kidney Foundation.

About Amy Gray-Cunningham

Amy Gray-Cunningham was born in Virginia and grew up in Germany as an “Army brat.” As a teenager, Amy’s family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she’s lived for over 30-years.

Amy met and fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Chuck Cunningham, and after 20-years of separation, they eventually married in 2009.

Together they have two adult sons.

Amy is a living kidney donor and volunteers on the Board of the National Kidney Foundation Serving North Carolina. She co-chairs the Annual NC Kidney Gala to raise money for the continued education of kidney disease and kidney transplants.

She has written a book called Daring to Believe. Her book chronicles her journey throughout the entire kidney donation process. It’s a resource for other potential living donors to understand what to expect.

Daring to Believe is also an inspirational story about following God’s calling in your life even when everything seems impossible.


February 28th, 2020

Mike Faulkenberry, NC Director for the Convention of States Project, will be presenting “What would the Founders do?”.

Convention of States is a nationwide project to impose term limits on federal officials, control the debt and spending, and reduce the power and scope of the federal government. The resolution has currently been passed in 15 states.