Used Book Sale and Gift Basket Raffle

To raise money for our local scholarship fund, we will have two fundraising activities during the RG.

Used Book Sale

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Do you have books that you’ve finished reading and would like to donate? We’ll take them! We’ll be having a Used Book Sale with all proceeds going to our local scholarship fund. All books will be sold for donations – whatever you’re able to donate or whatever you think the book is worth. No amount is too small!

Gift Basket Raffle

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As we did in 2019, we’ll be having a Gift Basket Raffle at this year’s RG with all proceeds going toward our local scholarship fund. I don’t have the full list of baskets, but there will be a wine basket, a cooking basket, a games and puzzles basket, a book basket, a daylily basket, a dental basket, a hair care basket, and more. Tickets will be $1 each, 6 for $5, or an arm’s length for $20. The winners of the baskets will be drawn on Saturday night. Be sure to find Paul Owen during the RG to get your raffle tickets. And be sure to contact us if you’re interested in donating items for a basket!